November is one of the best months of the year! The weather is perfect, there is a whole day dedicated primarily to food, and it’s the first month of the holiday season. However, November can be a month of highs and lows for college students. Here are 11 thoughts every college student have during this fall favorite:
1. Midterms are over!
You did it! You got through all your midterms and now you can relax.
2. …But that means finals are coming up.
Just kidding, there is no time to relax with finals week approaching. Get ready for lots of caffeine and long nights spent at the library.
3. Pumpkin Spice Lattes
Because this scrumptious Starbucks drink is only available for a limited time, students have to make sure to stock up on pumpkin spice lattes before the seasons over.
4. No Shave November
Following “Optional October” is “No Shave November,” in which people participate by dropping their razors for the whole month. And if you still don’t feel like shaving after November, then no worries. “Don’t Shave December” — or Decembeard — has you covered.
5. The end of college football
What does one do on a Saturday without football?
6. The beginning of college basketball
Although the football season is coming to a close, basketball season is just beginning. What better cure for a football withdrawal than basketball?
7. Thanksgiving Break
Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays not only because students get to stuff their faces with food and share what they’re thankful for, but also because of the break from classes. Goodbye stress, and hello pumpkin pie!
8. Black Friday is upon us
As soon as the last bite of pie is gone and the turkey coma fades, shoppers will be rushing to the store for the season’s best sales. Do you dare brave the craziness?
9. Time to catch up on Netflix
Just as you start to feel you have enough free time to catch up on all your shows, Netflix adds on a whole new challenge with a list of new releases all month long!
10. Sweater weather
Pull out your fall sweaters while you can because before you know it, the temperatures will be back up and you’ll be wishing for cooler days.
11. It’s a great time to Renew
Lock in your space and the lowest rate by signing up early and renewing your lease! Renew now and save yourself time and money!